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Ministries Continued

Whatever you do, work heartily,

as for the Lord and not for men.

Colossians 3:23


Praise & Worship / Choir / Instrumental Music 

scog sis carol praise.jpg


Team Leader: 
Minister Norma Barret


Praise and Worship Ministry endeavor to present the ultimate expression of worship which is the unconditional surrender of ourselves.  The total presentation of all we are inspires this ministry to lead the corporate body with enthusiasm into the highest level of spiritual worship. 


Mission:  Our mission is offensive warfare.



Our goal is to bring the corporate body into God‐consciousness where each individual is released to express his or her gratitude, affection and adoration to God.  Praise and Worship is a integral in creating an atmosphere for the flow of the prophetic, healing, deliverance, preaching and other manifestation of the Holy Spirit. 


Meeting Times:

Pre-Covid-19 lockdowns the team met every Tuesday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm for prayer and rehearsals.  Meetings were held on the same time slot for planning and development.  Once the church is back to full in-person sessions, our meeting times will remain as before.

MULTImedia & communications 

Communications & PR / Social Media / Video & Photography

scog social media.jpg


Sis. Karliene Scott


The purpose of the Communications and Public Relations Department is to:

1) Reach new audiences locally and world-wide

2) To engage existing audience more effectively

3) To be up with the times while using technology to teach about the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.



Through multimedia and communications, we hope to be more visible on social media by using various social media platforms.  By way of this website and the various social platforms we plan to increase engagement within our congregation by educating everyone about our church’s beliefs, standards and events that take place throughout the church’s calendar year.  Ultimately, through these platforms we desire to bring new members to our church to experience and learn about Jesus Christ.



This department is fairly new to our church. There is presently no set times for meetings.  So far, we meet over zoom and/or communicate primarily via whatsapp.  Please fill in the volunteer form should you be interested in being a member of this ministry.

audio, visual & tech support

Audio Technician / Technical Support / Projection Operator



Bro. Karlonn Scott


The purpose of the Audio visual and Technical Support Ministry is to:

  1.  Maintain all audio-visual equipment within the church

  2. Communicate through music and multimedia for a heightened experience at church services, concerts and various events



Having clear sounds from microphones and musical instruments improves uninterrupted communication to the congregation therefore keeping a positive flow during services.  Additionally audio visuals such as projection systems makes it easier for the congregation/audiences to not only participate with singing songs, viewing sermons but to psychologically remember information communicated to them through these systems.


This ministry is looking for new recruits to participate on a rotational basis.  Contact us today for more information about this ministry.

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